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Step-by-Step to Dozen Biz Translation

  • Besides a team of fluent translators, Dozen Biz has experienced editors to ensure that our works are written in smooth, grammatically correct and precise language.
  • Dozen Biz has a team of proof readers to ensure the works are trouble-free and set in the format not different from your originals.
  • Our Project Manager will facilitate communications between clients and translators to make sure that our works fit your instructions and meet your set deadlines.
  • To cut down your expenses, Dozen Biz will deliver our works via e-mail.
  • Dozen Biz is happy to provide you with one-page translation free-of-charge, applicable only in the case of a large project to ensure that we have the expertise in your concerned subject matter.
  • You can request any amendments to the works within one month upon delivery, without additional charge.

    Working Time of Translators and Editors

  • General subjects : Our translators can work at 1500 words a day.
  • Specialized subject : Our translators can work at 1000 words a day.
  • Editing : Our Editor can proceed at 2000 words a day.