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Translation Service

      Dozen Biz has a team of translators fluent in various languages even the rare ones.

Dozen Biz: Business Translation

      Dozen Biz can respond to diverse needs of clients and produce translation into different languages. 

      To achieve the maximum quality, Dozen Biz enlists only mother-tongue translators with years of working experiences. Most importantly, they are expert in their respective fields, such as computer, finance, engineering and medicine.

      We recruits editors to ensure our works are grammatically correct, smooth and match your business objectives, with all the contents in place. 

      If quality translation is what you are looking for, come join our lengthy list of satisfiedcustomers . They are GE Finance, Semico, Ogilvy, G-Able, Kitagawa, Huawei Technologies, among others.

      Besides quality of work, Dozen Biz can help cut down our operation expenses and management headache. We ensure our products or services can better reach your clients even under a rigid deadline. Dozen Biz offers quality, pocket-friendly price and punctuality. 

Editing and Proof-reading Services

      This special feature would give you a peace of mind for our accurate and reliable texts in any language of your choice. 

Desktop Publishing

      To make sure that you will be hassle-free, we offer Desktop Publishing: DTP 
We can format your text in different languages in any format at your convenience, such as Adobe Illustration, PhotoShop, QuarkExpress or FrameMaker. 

    Dozen Biz can transcribe from tape or DVD/CD. Our minimum charge is for 15 minutes.
Remark: The service is available in Thai and English only.

Web Content 
        This service is ideal for those who are looking for a helping hand to develop a web page that fits your business operations written in language in any styles you prefer.